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Grass Fed Beef - USDA Inspected
DNA Tested Genetics For Tenderness & Marbling

Individual retail cuts are now available at...
Dr. Harmon's Chiro Health & Wellness in Morganfield, KY

Grass Fed Beef - superior to non grass fed organic meat!!

Grass Fed Beef - Health Benefits

Raised in Kentucky, only a few miles from Indiana & Illinois, our grass fed beef should provide superior health benefits. Compared with grain fed beef, even organic grain fed beef, grass fed beef appears to have more "healthy" fat, is lower in "unhealthy" fat and it's richer in potent antioxidants. Furthermore, grass fed beef is typically lower in calories. Our beef does not contain added hormones, nor do we feed any antibiotics. A 6-ounce grass fed steak has close to 100 fewer calories than a typical 6-ounce grain fed steak. If you consume a typical diet (66.5 lbs. of grain fed beef per year) and you switch to grass fed beef, you will save around 17,733 calories per year--without requiring any willpower or reduction of portion sizes. More information coming soon!

Grass Fed Beef Cooking/Grilling Tips

Grass Fed Beef - Cooking Tips

Our dry aged, Grass Fed Beef is best when it is cooked slightly lower and slower. You can still sear the meat, just be sure to sear it fairly quickly, with the remainder of the cooking done lower and slower. Also, do not thaw grass fed beef in a microwave. Let it thaw naturally (thawing in a refrigerator is recommended). More information coming soon!

Grass Fed Beef - Grass Finishing

Our Grass Fed Cattle are raised & finished on high quality forage. Unlike many modern cattle who have been selected for grain finishing, our cattle have been bred and hand selected for generations to thrive on grass alone. We also utilize modern DNA testing (marbling & tenderness) which helps to ensure that we are only using quality genetics to produce the highest quality grass fed beef possible! How many other grass fed beef producers can say that they utilize DNA testing for marbling or tenderness? Plus, we've had several wonderful mentors & partners who have helped us learn about how to produce quality grass fed beef. One of our current partners is Lincoln Land Cattle Company, a former grass fed beef retailer in Taylorsville, Illinois, who also supplied retail stores, in Springfield, Illinois, for several years.

In addition, our genetics are excelling for our customers as well. Over the past 2+ years, we have been supplying finished animals, weanlings & seedstock genetics to Mumford Hills Livestock, in Griffin / Posey County, Indiana (Evansville retail market) and meat animals to Dave Smith in Oak Lawn, Illinois (Chicago retail market). Mumford Hills has successfully utilized our grass based Lowline & Tarentaise genetics under their own label for a few years now. Other successful grass fed beef retailers, who have purchased meat animals from us, include (but not limited to)... Indian Valley Beef, Tiskilwa / Buda, Illinois and Middlebrook Farm, Three Oaks, Michigan... both of whom market to several customers in the Chicago, Illinois market. More information coming soon!

Grass Fed Beef - Customer Feedback

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Grass Fed Beef - Frequently Asked Questions

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Grass Fed Beef - Pricing

Half or Whole Beef or small bulk Retail Boxes... Contact us for pricing.

Individual USDA labeled retail cuts are available at Dr. Harmon's Chiro Health & Wellness in Morganfield, KY.

Contact (270) 997-0041 for more details!

Grass Fed Beef - Delivery/Shipping Options

Lowline Black Angus X Tarentaise - grass fed beef

Serving the following areas...

Indiana: Evansville, Corydon, Bloomington, New Albany, Terre Haute, etc.

Tennessee: Clarksville, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Jackson, Murfreesboro, etc.

Illinois: Carbondale, Mt. Vernon, Marion, Harrisburg, etc.

Kentucky: Louisville, Lexington, Henderson, Owensboro, Hopkinsville, Fort Campbell, Paducah, Bowling Green, Madisonville, All of western Kentucky, etc.

Contact us for details... (270) 997-0041

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