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Tarentaise Cattle ~ Cow calf pair

Introducing Tarentaise genetics into your herd can greatly improve milk production, carcass value and yield grade. Tarentaise have many of the desirable traits of most domestic cattle but since they are mostly unrelated to any other breed, they can provide a genetic boost that results in maximum hybrid vigor. Heavier weaning weights, richer milk production, picture perfect udder structure, and better calf survival are some of the many benefits of crossbreeding with Tarentaise. Tarentaise were originally brought to North America to cross with British-based breeds because they would maintain the moderate frame size, but at the same time improve upon many traits lacking in the British Cattle. Tarentaise can used in systems that want to retain heifers without sacrificing terminal traits such as, feed conversion, rate of gain, meat tenderness or carcass quality. Tarentaise are the only continental breed that are moderate sized with superior mothering & marbling ability. The crossbred Tarentaise X English Breed cow truly is the "Opti-Mom"!

The Advantages of Tarentaise Infusion

Tarentaise crossed with Angus will improve yield grade and maintain quality grade.

Tarentaise crossed with a Hereford cow will improve milk production, teat and udder conformation and put a dark pigment around the eyes.

Tarentaise crossed with a baldy (black or red) improves milk production, teat and udder conformation. Maximum hybrid vigor is expressed. Rapid early growth and yield grade are improved without increasing mature size.

Tarentaise crossed with Brahma lowers age of puberty and generally improves fertility and milking ability.

Government & University Research

University research has confirmed the importance of the Tarentaise to the cattle industry. South Dakota State University found Tarentaise x Hereford to be 10% more feed efficient than the other breeds studied. Another study at South Dakota State indicated that Tarentaise cross cattle had the highest cutability, least fat cover and tied for the largest ribeye, with the lowest total cow/calf feed required for each retained pound produced.

The U.S. Range and Livestock Experiment Station at Miles City, Montana, discovered that Tarentaise produce milk at high levels for a longer lactation than the other breeds tested.

A Miles City Research Station study revealed that Tarentaise x Hereford heifers had less calving difficulty and larger pelvic measurements than both straight Hereford and Hereford x Red Angus heifers.

A study from Oregon State University involving Hereford, Angus, Simmental, Pinzgauer and Tarentaise breeds concluded, "All three European breeds transmitted genes for heavier weaning weights to their calves, compared to Hereford and Angus. Tarentaise accomplished this without increasing calf birth weight above that of the Angus cattle in the experiment."

Studies conducted at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center, Nebraska, have consistently shown Tarentaise to wean calves a little heavier than Hereford x Angus, while being comparable to Simmental-cross cows.

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