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Bluegrass Tarentaise

Tarentaise Cattle ~ Cow calf pair

Welcome to Stenger's Bluegrass Tarentaise! Gary & Brenda Stenger have raised Tarentaise cattle and composite Tarentaise cattle that excel on fescue dominant pastures. We maintained a mostly closed herd for over 15 years and we have extensively utilized multiple generations of line breeding to amplify genetic consistency. We are not currently raising purebred Tarentaise cattle, but do believe that they have a lot of merit in a crossbreeding or multi-breed composite cattle program.

Black Tarentaise Bull - Bluegrass Tarentaise

Our Tarentaise cattle won banners at the National Tarentaise Show in Denver and they also excelled in National Feedlot & Carcass Contests. Two years in a row, in the mid 1990's, our pen of Tarentaise steers competed extremely well in the Great Western Beef Expo Feedlot and Carcass Test, held in Sterling, Colorado. One of our steers had the 2nd highest overall rate of gain and that same steer also had the highest carcass value at the Great Western Beef Expo! We also had a top 10 pen for feed efficiency, the only carcass to grade prime with a yield grade 2, and an entire pen of our Tarentaise steers graded 100% choice with no yield grades over 3.0! Also, a black purebred Tarentaise bull, that we raised & sold to Pharo Cattle Company, Bluegrass Energizer, has sired several offspring who have excelled in Pharo's forage only tests. Tarentaise have been selected to thrive on forage alone, for centuries. In their native country of France, Tarentaise cattle graze the steepest mountain slopes of the French Alps where grain can not be grown! High butterfat milk, hardiness, mothering ability, fertility, early maturity, high marbled, tender meat, feed efficiency, forage conversion & more, are traits that our herd has been known for, for over 2 decades.

Future Lowline Showman - Coy Divine & Libby - 1st place at the County Fair

The Stenger family have been longtime members of the American Tarentaise Association. Gary served for several terms as a director of the ATA. Our daughter, Carrie Stenger Divine, served as the first American Tarentaise Queen & she also served as President of the Junior Tarentaise Association. Visitors are welcome when advance notice is given. We would love to meet you!

Please visit our COMPOSITE PAGE for more information about our Composite Tarentaise Cattle.

Pictured is our grandson, Coy Divine, with his cousin, Libby Clifton. Coy and Libby won 1st place in the Lead Line Class at the 2008 Union County Fair. Congrats Coy & Libby! Look for Coy, a 8th generation cattleman, in the show ring in 2011!


3/4 Lowline X 1/4 Tarentaise Composite Bull #306

Nothing currently for sale. Please check back in late spring, summer or fall for availability.

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