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Lowline Angus Cattle For Sale

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Lowine Angus & Composite Cattle for sale: We currently have a handful of elite quality Fullblood Lowline Angus bulls & Lowline X Tarentaise bulls ready to go to work for you in spring 2013. We will be offering all of our 2012 fall born heifer calves for sale & a limited number of pairs or breds. Check back soon for an updated spring 2013 sale list or contact TJ for more details... (270) 997-0041 or kylowline@yahoo.com



J&K Lowlines ~ Doc Holiday Lowline Angus Herd Sire
For information about our Lowline Angus semen please visit our Lowline Semen For Sale page. Semen priced as low as $10 per straw. To place an order, please email kylowline@yahoo.com or give us a call at (270) 997-0041


Tarentaise Herd Bull... Bluegrass King in his working clothes.

We'd like to thank Garry & Gerald Cunningham from southern Missouri & Leon Wagler of southern Indiana for recently purchasing Tarentaise cattle. For more info, please call (270) 389-3563 or (270) 952-2681. We bred and raised the popular Tarentaise bull, Bluegrass Energizer, an AI Sire marketed by Kit Pharo (Pharo Cattle Company). Energizers offspring have performed exceptionally well in the Pharo Cattle Company Forage Test's. Over the past 20+ years, Bluegrass Tarentaise genetics have done extremely well in forage tests, national feedlot tests, national carcass tests, and in purebred and commercial herds located in over 35 states! Reasonably priced. Visit The Bluegrass Tarentaise Website

Please contact Gary Stenger for more details about the Tarentaise cattle fo sale at (270) 952-2681 or (270) 389-3563 or email us at kylowline@yahoo.com

Thank You Customers!

Mike & Judy Berger, South Carolina
John & Vicki Emmert, Indiana
Garry & Gerald Cunningham, Missouri
Matt Holt, Kentucky
Stephen Stone, Indiana
Lee Newman, Mississippi
Mike Mumford, Mumford Hills L.L.C., Indiana
Grant Isler, Ohio
Bryan & Tracy Campbell, Indiana
Justin King & Chris Cunningham, Georgia
Mark Lane, Illinois
Mark Smith, Illinois
Michael Warner, Ohio
Keith Waterman, Illinois
Joe Wrench, Illinois
Todd Wilcox, Shelbyville, Illinois
Todd Matthes, Nebraska
Lynn Tenry, Tennessee
Karen Hardin, Tennessee
Marshall Miller, Kentucky
Paradise Point Farms, Nebraska
Jake Lundy, Black Oaks Farm, Alabama
Dave Hill, Springhill Lowlines, Illinois
Matt De La Vega, Ohio
Kent Iberg, Virginia
Michael Graniti, Indiana
Michael Warner, Ohio
Mary Ellen Davis, Vermont
Don Mashburn, Kansas
Tim & Mary Howard, Wisconsin
Smeltzer Orchards, Michigan
Jason & Amy Stein, Pennsylvania
Jim Tribble, Ohio
Brad Wilson, Kansas
Leah Amedee, Louisana
Nathan & Glenda Cunningham, NAG Farms, Kentucky
Marla Fling, Ohio
Garry Baker, North Carolina
Matt Crowell, New York
Dr. Edwin Robertson, Tennessee
Scott Hillman, Nebraska
Janis Black, Wyoming
Glenn Benjamin, Colorado
Jay Beatty, Texas
Joe Moffitt, Arbor Ridge Lowlines, Kentucky
Chris Baker, Baker Cattle Company, Alabama
Mike & Linda Wehner, Indiana
Eric King, Kentucky
Cindy Jackson, Cross Creek Farms, Indiana
Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Colorado
Leon Wagler, Indiana
Randy & Holly Prosise, Tennessee
Mike Mueller, Illinois
Donelle Currier, Arkansas
Phyllis Anderson, Texas
Kim Gann, Missouri
Carlos Gutierrez, Florida
Martha Sharp, Missouri
David Smith, Kentucky
Steve & Anne Young, Indiana
Mary Pirtle, Indiana
Sonya Galetka, Texas
Jason Garber, Ohio
Carl Thurmond, Kentucky
Keith & Teresa Camarato, Illinois
Bob & Janet Schuttler, Middlebrook Farms, Michigan
Joey Werfuel, Illinois
Mark Ramsey, Missouri
Kevin Nagele, Illinois
Ronnie Day, Kentucky
Chad Rensing, Illinois
Shaufler Ranch, Illinois
Steve Legrand, Missouri
Chris Dittmer, Missouri
Gordon & Margo Lenhard, Washington
Warren Meadows, Kentucky
Ben Haines, North Carolina
William Boling, Kentucky
Kelly Uhlyarik, Kentucky
Joe & Anna Creager, Indiana
Brian and Amber Densch, Illinois
Richard Wahl, Kansas
Cliff Burelson, Kentucky
Bruce & Jo'El Drajem, New York

Join our growing list! Buy low input adapted genetics from J&K Livestock!
Please contact J&K Livestock for more details about Lowline Cattle for sale & Lowline X Tarentaise Composite cattle for sale. kylowline@yahoo.com

Please return soon or contact us about the availability of Lowline Angus, semen, embryos, Tarentaise & Lowline Composite Cattle For Sale.

T. Jarrod & Krystal  Stenger ~ J&K Livestock
1869 SR 130N
Morganfield, KY 42437
(270) 997-0041

J&K Lowline Cattle

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