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Photo Gallery

Pictures of Lowlines, Red Angus, Tarentaise, Shorthorn & Composite Cattle

More pictures coming soon!

Doc Holliday Lowline Bull 10 month old picture... closing in on 700 lbs. Doc Holiday @ 22 months weighing 1200+.  Fullblood Lowline Bull picture Doc Holiday in his working clothes, weighing 1350+ lbs. 3 year old  Lowline bull picture Working clothes picture of Doc Holliday ~ 1465 lbs ~ 48.5 inches tall... our main Lowline bull.

Tiger's Eye fullblood Lowline heifer ~ 2nd in class behind the Grand Champion Fullblood Lowline @ 2007 American Royal Lowline Show Tiger's Eye Fullblood Lowline Bull Calf ~ 2nd in class @ 2007 American Royal Lowline Show Doc Holiday Heifer ~ J&K Hot Senorita ~ Res. Heifer Calf Champion @ the American Royal Lowline Show
Our 2007 Fullblood Lowline Angus Show String ~ Purchased by Jay Beatty, Belton, Texas
Jay is building quite a herd of quality, outcross Lowlines!

Want to wean 70 percent of a cows body weight without a creep feeder?  Tarentaise females are the definition of Bluegrass King ~ Former Herd Bull at Bluegrass Tarentaise.  Extreme power, fleshing ability & mass!!

Our Tarentaise genetics are proven to work on grass, in the feedlot, and on the rail. Super efficient cows... super feedlot steers... super carcass quality and yield... Tarentaise are the ideal cross to use on all the English breeds, including Lowlines.

OFS Rosebud - Justin Olson's Shorthorn Show heifer - Sib to the Shorthorn embryos. OFS Rosebud - Sib to Olson Family Shorthorn embryos. OFS Rosebud - Shorthorn Show heifer owned by Olson Shorthorns

These pictures are of OFS Rosebud, a powerhouse Shorthorn Show Heifer that is a full sib to the Shorthorn Embryos that are being offered by Olson Family Shorthorns. For more information about Shorthorn Embryos please visit our Shorthorn Embryos For Sale page.

Please check back soon for more pictures of our Lowline Angus, Tarentaise, Red Angus, Shorthorn and Composite Cattle!

If you are interested in purchasing Lowlines, Tarentaise, Shorthorn or Composite Cattle, Semen or Embryos, please contact J&K Livestock for more details

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