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GOT MILK? This Tarentaise cow sure did!
Tarentaise cow/calf Pair (pictured to the right)

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Composite Cattle

Research performed by the U. S. Meat Animal Research Center has shown that crossbred animals express increased efficiency, production, performance & longevity when compared to straight bred animals. To sum that up, if you are wanting to produce beef, it just doesn't make any $ence not to utilize a well planned crossbreding program!
Lowline X Tarentaise cross heifer. Doc Holliday daughter.

J&K Lowline Angus ~ 3/4 Doc Holiday Yearling Bull Tag 306

J&K Lowline X Tarentaise Composite Heifer Paprika
J&K Rockin Ronnie, son of J&K Paprika.  J&K 3/4 Lowline X 1/4 Tarentaise Composite Bull.

J&K Lowline X Tarentaise Composite Heifer
J&K Superman Lowline X Tarentaise Composite Bull

NDSU-Dickinson Lowline Study

J&K Lowline Cattle