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2013 Lowline Angus Sale List:

Looking for a high quality herd sire? Give us a call! We currently have a handful of excellent fullblood Lowline bulls, Lowline X Tarentaise bulls & Lowline X Angus/Red Angus bulls for sale. We currently have 2 open, black, Lowline X Red Angus halfblood weanling heifers for sale. Excellent genetics on both sides! One sired by RKR Holliday & the other is sired by St Nick. $1,275 each if purchased & picked up by 9/15/13. A nearby breeder friend has two bred halfblood cows (100% Angus) for sale that carry the red gene. Bred by St Nick & they are sired by Doc Holliday & Doc's maternal half brother. Asking $1,800 each. They also have 3/4 Lowline & purebred Lowline heifers for sale... Asking $1,350 & up. They are sired by St Nick & J&K Scar (Roulette X RKR Holiday's dam). Call for details. We hope to have pictures, prices & more info coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us for more details.

Special thank you to... Mike & Judy Berger, Belton, South Carolina... John Emmert, Darlington, Indiana... Dave Smith, Oak Lawn, Illinois... Lee Newman, Bruce, Mississippi ... Stephen Stone, Salem, Indiana... Matt Holt, Benton, Kentucky... Mike & Linda Wehner, Madison, Indiana... Grant Isler, Prospect, Ohio... Bryan & Tracy Campbell, Atlanta, Indiana... Justin King & Chris Cunningham, Greensboro, Georgia... Marsha Sharp, El Dorado Springs, Missouri... Karen Hardin & Lynn Tenry, Savannah, Tennessee... Dave Hill, Brownstown, Illinois... Aaron Reigler, Mclean, Illinois... Jake Lundy, Geraldine, Alabama... Paradise Point Farms LLC, Somerset, Kentucky... Mark Smith, Johnson City, Illinois... Michael Warner, Racine, Ohio... Keith Waterman, Taylorsville, Illinois... Joe Wrench, Illinois... Shaulfer Farms, Sparta, Illinois... Nathan & Glenda Cunningham, Nortonville, Kentucky... for purchasing animals from J&K Livestock during 2012 & 2013.

Click here to view our list of 2010 - 2011 Lowline Cattle Already Sold

For more information please contact TJ Stenger @ (270) 997-0041 or kylowline@yahoo.com

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